Frequently Asked Questions

What is Needed to Begin with Vinyl Cutting Business?

You will need a cutting software like EuroCUT or CoCut and a cutting plotter (cutter) with a cutting width of 24in (61cm) - cutters with less cutting width are hardly useful applicable.

Which is Better to Start with: CoCut or EuroCUT?

What is the Difference between CoCut and EuroCUT?

Is EuroCUT Capable to do What CoCut does?

Can I Drive a Milling Machine with EuroCut/CoCut?

Can I Drive an Engraving Machine with EuroCut/CoCut?

Can I Drive a Multi-functional Plotter (Flatbed) with EuroCut/CoCut?

Are there Limits in Cutting Length, Driveable Foil Length?

Can I Use EuroCUT Professional on Several Working Places?

Is a School Version of EuroCUT Professional Available?

Which Computer System is Recommended for EuroCUT?

Which Cutting Plotters are Compatible with EuroCUT?

Can I Use EuroCUT as a Mobile System?

What Means Dongle Copy Protection?

Is a Resale of the Software Possible?