Vectorization - Fast and Precise

Professional Vectorization with Digitizing and Node Editing Tools

EuroCUT Design
EuroCUT Design
Recommended for:
All who use a cutting software without vectorization


State-of-the-art outline vectorization with automatic node reduction, curve smoothing, edge rounding and sharpening plus horizontal, and vertical node alignment
When contouring very few nodes are created.
Automatic welding of intersecting vectors to make the vector graphics cuttable
Drag and drop graphics between CorelDRAW and EuroCUT Design


EuroCUT Design has replaced EuroVECTOR.
Product Information

EuroCUT Design offers an effective outline vectorization with the added benefit of fully equipped design and vector tools.

Contours are generated from pixel graphics (vectorization). The conversion of B/W, half-tone and color bitmaps is done very fast and with very high quality - almost identical to the original. Vectorization's results can be edited, manipulated, and refined with a variety of vector tools - without program switch.

With additional tools such as outline, block shadow, contour line, miscellaneous fills, and welding algorithms the designs can be prepared for the usage in signmaking, screen printing, milling, engraving, or digital printing. Using the integrated text editor and Clipart Manager further elements can be added.

The finished layout can be exported to all major file formats e. g. EPS, HPGL, AI, or PDF.

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