Euro-Systems S.à r.l. was founded in 1991 by Jürgen Räsch and Holger Sieck, who were running a business for signmaking equipment at that time. Because in those days the available signmaking software was more or less custom-made on manufacturer-specific systems and very expensive, they decided to develop their own software.
On the basis of the revolutionary user interface of Microsoft Windows, EUROSYSTEMS developed with EuroCUT a stand-alone open-architecture signmaking software which set benchmarks regarding intuitive operationality, ergonomics and value for money.

Already EuroCUT 1.5, in conjunction with CorelDRAW 2.0 under Windows 3.0, set new standards. The background processing of the cutting data compared to the DOS system, multiplied productivity; No longer blocked workstations during printing or cutting output.

Version 2.0 was released as a standalone program with text editor, 100 own vector fonts in Type 1 format, outline and various welding routines and was able to position itself in front of many of its competitors. Shortly after the launch of EuroCUT 2 already 1000 licenses were sold.

Side note:

CoCut was developed in parallel with EuroCUT. While EuroCUT is an independent cutting program with all its functions, CoCut requires a so-called host program. The user already knows and works in a host program, be it CorelDRAW, Illustrator, etc. and is looking for an extension (plug-in) to cut directly from this program - CoCut. Currently there are 3 CoCut plug-ins depending on the requirements: Starter / Standard / Professional

With version 3 EuroCUT was completed with the important vectorization and became EuroCUT Professional 3. With EuroCUT Light 3 the portfolio was expanded downwards.

EuroCUT Professional 4 and 5 set new standards in user friendliness and performance. The Job Manager made file management child's play. A module for the control of milling machines was added with EuroEngrave. In conjunction with, a specially developed EUROSYSTEMS, Euro Board also Gerber cutter could now be driven.

With EuroCUT 5 the so-called MultiUser license was introduced, which allowed any number of design computers to be operated within a company using one main license.
Now EuroCUT has made the workflows more flexible. The portfolio has been extended by the EuroCUT-Basic, designed specifically for the requirements of the Print & Cut market.

With EuroCUT 6 and 7, the requirements of digital printing were taken into account - in addition to increasingly sophisticated tools, as well as register and alignment marks and the two print RIPs Pjannto-RIP and EuroVPM. The multi-user license was replaced by a stand-alone Design version which, apart from the cutting output, contained all the tools of the Professional and was thus ideal for job preparation. More than 600 different device drivers set the preliminary high point regarding flexibility in the control of cutting devices.

EuroCUT 8, released in November 2016, is 25 years later a high-end software suite for the demanding signmaker and screen printer. Compatible with Windows 10 and 11, it is armed for the requirements of the next signage generation.

More than 60,000 software products bearing the "Euro-Systems" trademark are working on all continents - perhaps at your site soon. Our commitment for the future includes continued development of technology for the existing signmaking market. We service as well the development to complementary new markets.

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